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We, at SUMA are here....

  • To act in accordance to the rules and regulations of a Non-Profit organization law in the State of Texas.

  • To sustain our unique heritage for the coming generations.

  • To strengthen, promote and consolidate cooperation among the community.

  • To establish a public forum for recognizing, maximizing the visibility and honoring the contributions and accomplishments of community members

  • To support and provide humanitarian and charitable contributions and to involve in community development activities in compliance with the executive committee

  • To provide support, incentivize, and encourage the continued practices of the Kerala culture, heritage and traditional social and family values.

  • To establish a forum for youth in order to maintain and invigorate the cultural and social heritage handed down by the community at large.

  • To affiliate or work together with other organizations having similar goals and aspirations.

  • The association is not intended for making any profit and any income will go towards the upliftment of the community and the objectives stated in the bylaw.

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