The  Association’s  membership  shall  be  open  to  all  individuals  sharing  the objectives of the ‘Association’, as evidenced by the payment of membership fee, and abiding by the Articles of Incorporation and the bylaws of this ‘Association’ irrespective of their race, sex, religion or creed and are subjected to the following clauses:

  • The application for membership should be purchased online using the link below. 

  • The Executive committee of the ‘Association’, after consulting with the member or members, shall have the right to deny, suspend or cancel; the membership, if the respective member or members fail to abide by the objectives of the ‘Association’ or if their activities are detrimental to the proper functioning of the organization.

  • Any individual or family whose membership was denied, suspended or cancelled by the Executive committee shall have the right to appeal to the members of the ‘Association’ during the upcoming General Body meeting.  The person who wishes to make an appeal on this issue should notify the Secretary or the President of the ‘Association’ at least two weeks prior to the General Body meeting.

One Year Membership ($30)
Life Membership ($150)
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