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SUMA Scholarship

Our goal is to provide an academic/cultural activity-based scholarship grant to eligible student(s) of the San Antonio Malayalee community towards their college expenses.

To be eligible for the scholarship, the parent/applicant should be an active SUMA member.


Eligible candidate(s) will be identified by an external group of evaluators.


You must submit your materials through the SUMA on-line application system. This page offers guidance in completing your application. 

The completed application should be submitted June 30, 2023.


Who Can Apply

• High school seniors of the graduating class and starting college in the next school year.
• Current college students continuing their current course next school year.
• Current college students applying for a new course next school year.
• College refers to undergraduate and graduate programs at a recognized university, community college, or trade-school.
• Applicants must be registered for a full-time.


Scholarship Amount and Awardees


• The scholarship grant amount for individual candidate can range from $250 to $500 per calendar year.
• One scholarship grant of $250 for an international Malayalee student.
• For any given year, the number of recipients shall be decided by that year’s SUMA EC board.
• An applicant can be awarded the SUMA scholarship only once to increase the chance for other participants.




Some Important Features
• All applications will be first screened for eligibility.
• Only those applicants that meet the eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the independent Selection Panel.
• The panel will short list a set of applications and then rank them according to the materials provided by the applicants.

• Candidates may be disqualified by the review panel for not meeting a minimum standard or criteria.
• The maximum number of applicants that will be shortlisted will be subject to the maximum number of allowable awards which is decided by the SUMA EC board.
• A candidate must apply each year to be considered for the scholarship program for that year.
• Selection criteria will be different for freshman and senior applicants.


Selection criteria


• Must be a member of a family that has an active SUMA membership.
• Able to speak Malayalam.
• Participated/Volunteered at least two SUMA events within two years of the submission of the application. You must submit proof of participation.
• Parents must have roots and/or hail from Kerala. Applicants should provide proof if requested by the SUMA award committee.
• Must reside within San Antonio Area. Valid proof of address must be submitted.
• Selection will be based on the active engagement in SUMA, be a chair/co-chair /active volunteer for the youth club under SUMA.


Scholarship Disbursement

• The scholarship grant award will be disbursed to the selected awardees during ‘THE ANNUAL’ Onam Celebration.
• This shall be done provided the awardee submits proof of enrollment/admission into the eligible program listed earlier.
• Non-submission of the requisite documents by the cut-off date shall result in forfeiture of the grant.

Application Process and Supporting Documents


• Applicants should submit a filled and signed application form available on SUMA website.
• Applicants should upload the supporting documents listed below, along with the application form to a secure file location (details will be sent to the applicant):


  • Transcripts

  • Recommendation Letters – should be sent directly to by the person who is recommending.

  • Proof of extracurricular and volunteer activity (max 10).

  • Statement of Purpose (approximately 300-500 words).

  • Recognitions in Sports and Games.

  • Top 5 Recognitions /Certificates/Awards.

  • 3 min Video Presentation on why the candidate feels they are deserving of SUMA scholarship.

  • I minute video in Malayalam to introduce the candidate, purpose of the scholarship, and how the candidate can be a help to Malayalee community.

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